Bombata Bags Australia | Bombata bags – Laptop cases & travel bags in striking fashion colours
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Bombata bags – Laptop cases & travel bags in striking fashion colours

Any holiday will be more fun with a fire engine red Bombata Chubby Case as your travel bag, or a green Aviatore wheeled case to add vibrancy to the airport lounge.

Slip your laptop into a Bombata Cocco laptop case in teal to brighten up the boardroom – and your business ensemble.

Bombata bags give any outfit a pop of colour!

The Aviatore trolley bag is the perfect travel companion for business travel that requires a laptop be safely brought along. With a Chubby case or Aviatore you can pack a change of clothes, business papers and your laptop in impeccable Italian style.

Bombata brings colour and protection to your iPad too, with a range of durable and stylish tablet cases in a range of gorgeous colours.

Beauty combines with practicality as all Bombata cases contain plenty of pockets to safely stash your possessions, and feature sturdy silicon handles and hard-wearing vinyl outsides. Italian designed Bombata was created to put the fun and fashion back into bags.

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